30 Day FitZen Challenge

Welcome to the 30 day FitZen Challenge, a unique journey created on my lifestyle.


FitZen has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share this and challenge you to join me and learn my ways of creating the best space for your body, mind and health!

FitZen PACKAGE.jpg
What's inside
  • FitZen Toolbox

  • 30 Day Challenge Calendar

  • PDF Fill-able pages 

  • 112 Pages

  • Daily journal pages

  • 30-day fitness plan

  • Daily quotes / affirmations

  • Your daily gratitude's

  • Daily planner

  • Nutrition knowledge

  • Fat's guide

  • Protein guide

  • Guide to carbohydrates

  • Guide to micro nutrients

  • Gratitude guide

  • Guide to journaling

  • Guide to positivity

  • Guide to routines

  • Guide to self-care & love

  • Affirmations guide

  • Bonus gift

All this for just $59 yours to download instantly and keep


"FitZen 30 Day Challenge, truly helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. So thankful, keeps me motivated and the fill-able journal and daily practices turn my whole day around."

Carla. A

"My 30 Day FitZen Challenge enabled a huge growth and positive change in my life. Highly recommend to everyone."​

Abby. R